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D.R. Guilbeault specializes in compressed air systems repair, maintenance, sales and installation. We can help you acheive your goal no matter the size of the application.

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About D.R. Guilbeault Air Compressor
Founded in 1986 in the family garage by Don and Cyndi Guilbeault, D.R. Guilbeault Air Compressor, LLC has grown to three locations with 25 employees.

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Bauer Compressors
Bauer has been manufacturing high pressure compressors for more than 60 years. From our humble beginnings in the BAUER family home in Munich, Germany in 1946 to our current status as an industry leader, BAUER has worked hard to earn a reputation as the world’s foremost innovative designer and manufacturer of high pressure compressors of the very highest quality.

Vertecon Vertecon.pdf OCAM OCAM.pdf industrial air brochure industrial-air-brochure.pdf

Champion Compressors
The Champion line of specially designed climate control compressors represents years of intensive industrial research and testing. Champion has designed a line of machines suitable to critical industry demands for value and lasting performance, with features others only wish they could offer.

BP-71-8-07-4c BP-71-8-07-4c.pdf
CR-ADV-104-4th-8-07 CR-ADV-104-4th-8-07.pdf
CR-RV-102-1st-8-07 CR-RV-102-1st-8-07.pdf
CR-CC-102-1st-6-07 CR-CC-102-1st-6-07.pdf
CR-ED-102-3rd-7-07 CR-ED-102-3rd-7-07.pdf
CR-RPL-100-2nd-8-07 CR-RPL-100-2nd-8-07.pdf

CRP Pak Compressors
CRP Paks from Clean Resources are engineered to minimize maintenance and clean up headaches, operate efficiently in all conditions, and reduce the cost of dealing with wastewater streams.

CRP-Paks CRP-Paks.pdf CRP-Packs-Installation CRP-Paks-Installation.pdf CRP-Tech-Information CRP-Tech-Information.pdf

Hitachi Compressors
Hitachi is the only manufacturer in the world to custom match stainless steel for the 1st and 2nd stage rotors, which provides superb performance and longevity.

0610DSP-Brochure 0610DSP-Brochure.pdf
DSP-Techsheets DSP-Techsheets.pdf
0610SRL-Brochure 0610SRL-Brochure.pdf
SRL-Techsheets SRL-Techsheets.pdf
0610VB-Brochure 0610VB-Brochure.pdf

Sullair Compressors
Air Audits - System Monitoring, Drains - Separators, Dryers - Desiccant, Dryers - Refrigerated, Filters, Industrial - Single Stage Oil Flooded Rotary, Oil Free Rotary
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Air Audits - System Monitoring
With Sullair’s new eConnect™ remote monitoring system, all you need is a computer and web browser to view the health of your compressed air system from anywhere in the world!

Air Audit Literature AA01EAir-Audit-Literature-AA01E.pdf
eConnect-Brochure eConnect-Brochure.pdf eConnect-02250148-838 eConnect-02250148-838.pdf

Drains - Separators
The Sullair SCD electronic level sensing drains detect and discharge only when condensate is present. Intelligent operation always ensures no compressed air will be lost.

SCD-Cut-Sheet SCD-Cut-Sheet.pdf OS-Cut-Sheet OS-Cut-Sheet.pdf  

Dryers - Desiccant
Sullair SD dryers use activated alumina desiccant to adsorb water vapor from compressed air. By combining the proven benefits of desiccant drying with the most advanced designs, Sullair offers an extremely compact, reliable system to clean and dry compressed air for the most critical applications.

SD-Brochure SD-Brochure.pdf
SDB-Brochure SDB-Brochure.pdf
SDE-Brochure SDE-Brochure.pdf
SM-24-1200-Brochure SM-24-1200-Brochure.pdf
SMC-24-1200-Brochure SMC-24-1200-Brochure.pdf

Dryers - Refrigerated
Sullair offers AirMetrixSM solutions—a total compressed air system—to help compressed air users reduce energy costs and improve productivity by analyzing, managing and controlling total compressed air systems.

SRC-Brochure SRC-Brochure.pdf
SRC-150-eng-data-sheets SRC-150-eng-data-sheets.pdf
SRC-175-eng-data-sheets SRC-175-eng-data-sheets.pdf
SRC-200-eng-data-sheets SRC-200-eng-data-sheets.pdf
SRC-250-eng-data-sheets SRC-250-eng-data-sheets.pdf
SRC-325-eng-data-sheets SRC-325-eng-data-sheets.pdf
SRC-400-eng-data-sheets SRC-400-eng-data-sheets.pdf
SRC-500-eng-data-sheets SRC-500-eng-data-sheets.pdf
SRC-700-eng-data-sheets SRC-700-eng-data-sheets.pdf
SRC-850-eng-data-sheets SRC-850-eng-data-sheets.pdf
SRHT-Brochure SRHT-Brochure.pdf
SRHT-15-100 SRHT-15-100.pdf
SRL-Brochure SRL-Brochure.pdf

SRL-200-6000-Tech-Data SRL-200-6000.pdf
SRS-Brochure SRS-Brochure.pdf
SRS-5-to-175 SRS-5-to-175.pdf

Contact D.R. Guilbeault Air Compressor Today!Filters
Sullair filters protect your plant equipment and processes, improve your product quality and reduce your energy costs. Sullair offers filters for general purpose compressed air and for high quality compressed air for instrumentation, food processing and pharmaceutical production.

Filter-Brochure Filter-Brochure.pdf
PF-PH-PR-PC Brochure PF-PH-PR-PC Brochure.pdf ME-Brochure ME-Brochure.pdf

Industrial - Single Stage Oil Flooded Rotary
Since its inception in 1965, Sullair has been an industry leader in rotary screw technology. Our award-winning Rotary Screw design has set the industry standard – and delivers the quality and reliability you depend on from Sullair.

1100e-1500e-1800e-Brochure 1100e-1500e-1800e-Brochure.pdf
1100eV-1500eV-1800eV-Brochure 1100eV-1500eV-1800eV-Brochure.pdf
1800-2200-Brochure 1800-2200-Brochure.pdf
3000-3000P-3700-4500-Brochure 3000-3000P-3700-4500-Brochure.pdf
3000V-3000PV-3700V-4500V-Brochure 3000V-3000PV-3700V-4500V Brochure.pdf
4500P-5500-7500-Brochure 4500P-5500-7500-Brochure.pdf
4500PS-5500PS-7500P-7500PS-Brochure 4500PS-5500PS-7500P-7500PS-Brochure.pdf
LS25-Brochure LS25-Brochure.pdf
4500PV-5500V-7500V-Brochure.pdf 4500PV-5500V-7500V-Brochure.pdf
LS25S-Brochure LS25S-Brochure.pdf
LS-200S-Brochure LS-200S-Brochure.pdf
VSD-V-200S-Brochure VSD-V-200S-Brochure.pdf
VCC-200S-Brochure VCC-200S-Brochure.pdf

Oil Free Rotary
For Sullair, widely known for its oil-flooded compressors, the development of an oil-free compressor was a natural progression.

DS-13-100-200-hp-Brochure DS-13-100-200-hp-Brochure.pdf
DS-13-Fresh-Ai- Flyer DS-13-Fresh-Air-Flyer.pdf

Shop Tek
Shop Tek Brochure shop-tek-brochure.pdf

Sullube Compressors Fluid
Acknowledging that portable compressors operate under demanding conditions, Sullair recognized the need for a compressor fluid that could stand up to these conditions.

sullube-Brochure sullube-Brochure.pdf
Sullube-Tech-Sheet Sullube-Tech-Sheet.pdf
24KT-Tech-Sheet 24KT-Tech-Sheet.pdf
Sullube-MSDS Sullube-MSDS.pdf
SRF4000-MSDS SRF4000-MSDS.pdf
24KT-Fluid-MSDS 24KT-Fluid-MSDS.pdf
CP4600-32-F-Food Grade-MSDS-Sheet CP4600-32-F-Food

AWF-Literature AWF-Literature.pdf
AWF-Tech-Sheet AWF-Tech-Sheet.pdf

Two Stage Oil Flooded Rotary
Sullair’s TS two-stage tandem compressors use two sets of rotors arranged in a unique end-to-end design that achieve higher efficiencies than other two-stage rotor arrangements.

LS16T-Cut-Sheet LS16T-Cut-Sheet.pdf
LS-16T-100-200hp-60Hz LS-16T-100-200hp-60Hz.pdf
TS-20 Brochure TS-20-Brochure-English.pdf
TS-32 Brochure TS-32-Brochure-English.pdf
TS-32S Brochure TS-32S-Brochure-English.pdf

Used Equipment

Vacuum - Oil Flooded
Sullair vacuum systems use proven rotary screw technology to produce vacuum at unrivaled efficiencies. Because they are air cooled and require no seal water, there are no water acquisition, treatment or disposal costs.

VS-10-Brochure VS-10-Brochure.pdf
HSP-Duple-Cut-Sheet HSP-Duple-Cut-Sheet.pdf
HSP-Simplex-Cut-Sheet HSP-Simplex-Cut-Sheet.pdf
VS-12-Brochure VS-12-Brochure.pdf
VS-16-Brochure VS-16-Brochure.pdf
VS-20-Brochure VS-20-Brochure.pdf
VS-25-Brochure VS-25-Brochure.pdf
VS-32-Brochure VS-32-Brochure.pdf
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Zeks Compressors
ZEKS True-Cycling™ refrigerated dryer operation allows these dryers to provide very high operating efficiency. They have been specially engineered to be used with 2.5HP – 10HP air compressors.

ZEKS-HeatSink-10-50 ZEKS-HeatSink-10-50.pdf ZEKS-HeatSink-75-2400 ZEKS-HeatSink-75-2400.pdf
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